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TMD Study

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The purpose of this study is to find the connection between chronic pain and the way your brain decides how you think and feel. We'll ask you to complete various tasks while using EEG to measure your brain waves. We will use this information to compare the brain circuitry between those who live with chronic pain associated with TMD to those who live without chronic pain. 

  The ECAPS Study

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The RECODE Study

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The Herman Darrow Lab is looking for participants with chronic pain and/or depression as well as healthy participants to examine how cognition is affected by pain and depression. We aim to uncover the most affected circuit in each participant by combining functional MRI and EEG with magnetic stimulation to help understand each participant’s anatomy and physiology using a personalized approach.


Cognitive Effective Processes Online Study
This study hosted online on the Prolific platform.

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***For studies that are online only, we collect data on the Prolific platform, which is a self-service data collection platform that recruits high quality research participants to take part in our studies. This platform also allows us to effective to pay our participants. ***

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