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Peering Into the minds of those on the edge of cognition and neuromodulation

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Episode 1 - Introductions

Episode 3 - Ben Hayden

Episode 5 - Ann Haynos

Episode 7 - Dora Hermes

Episode 9 - Becket Ebitz

Episode 11 - Brad Voytek

Episode 2 - Tay Netoff

Episode 4 - Don Nixdorf

Episode 6 - Nicola Grissom

Episode 8 - Ziad Nahas

Episode 10 - Jerrold Vitek

Episode 12 - Iris Vilares

More Craniotomy Episodes Coming Soon!

Less Lethal Weapons Interview

and Presentation to the Minneapolis City Council

with Erika Kaske, a 3rd-year medical student, HDLab researcher, and co-author on the Correspondence in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

Interviewed by Danielle Carlson, researcher in the Herman-Darrow Lab.

Danielle and Emily
Well wishes to Emily with her new job with the Carter lab at UC Davis!

She was a very valuable lab member; working on the Less Lethal Weapons paper, OFC paper, and the Rapunzel Covid-19 study and more. She’s sure to do amazing things in translational cognitive and affective neuroscience.

Danielle and Collin
Well wishes to Collin as he matriculates into veterinary school!

Collin has been with us for a couple years now, working primarily with a lot of our online studies! We are incredibly grateful that he has been part of our lab!

Jeanie and Danielle
Wishing Danielle the very best on her new job at Yale! Danielle has been with us for the past 2 years, and she has been an incredible person to work with and asset to the team! We are very proud of everything Danielle has accomplished, and we know that she will strive wherever she is! 

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