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Rapunzel Study

We are asking you to take part in a research study on healthcare worker stress and resilience during COVID-19. The study is online only! Both male and female healthcare workers are welcome to participate!

Participation Involves:

  • Completing a survey and computer task 

  • Sending us a small 3cm hair sample (approx. half a pencil width).

  • The whole study will take approximately 45-60 minutes


You May Qualify if:

  • You are a healthcare worker

  • You live in Minnesota

  • Your hair is 3cm or longer

  • You are 18 years of age or older



You be emailed a $30 electronic payment once you have completed the entire study (survey, task, and upon receipt of hair sample)

When sending your hair samples after you've completed the task, please leave the return address blank for anonymity. Please

1) Note the direction of the root of your hair

2) Your email address used to sign up for the study

3) the date that you took the sample. 

Address your envelop to: 

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